Activate the AdSense WordPress Theme

AdSense is an advertising platform created by Google for website owners who want to monetize their websites.

Choose from Multiple AdSense Themes.

One of the easiest way to create a website is WordPress.  Your site can operate as a WordPress Blog or you can create a static website.

Activating a WordPress Theme specifically created for AdSense can streamline the process of launching a money making blog or website.

Options for Downloading and Activating Your Amazon WordPress Theme!

Many Webmasters create multiple sites around various topics designed to be monetized by Google AdSense.

Click Here for a Samples of an AdSense WP Themes.  This WordPress Theme is ‘plug and play’ to instantly make money with AdSense.

For additional theme options for multiple WordPress sites or to test various AdSense Themes – click here.

Get the Best AdSense Theme to easily set up a monetized blog on WordPress. The AdSense WordPress Theme is designed to feature your AdSense ads in an optimized manner.

Adsense WordPress ThemeDownload the AdSense WordPress Theme to quickly monetize your WordPress site.

Remember, you still need good content in the form or articles or blog posts to get traffic to your blog.

WordPress remains to be one of the best ways to get a website up and running. An AdSense WordPress Theme streamlines the process so you can make money from Google Ads.
Get the AdSense WordPress Theme.

Why choose an Amazon Theme for WordPress? Yes, you can find WordPress templates that will feature AdSense in various widgets. You will however be limited in depending on the themes perimeters.

Using an Amazon Theme means everything is already set up for you with the best options available to feature you AdSense Ads.

Important Note: You must have web hosting to upload your WordPress site on your own server. Without our own hosting you will also not be able to upload the AdSense WordPress Theme. For web hosting, we recommend Host Gator.

Download the Adsense WordPress Theme!

or download a portfolio of AdSense Themes.

Amazon Theme WordPress - Download

2 thoughts on “Activate the AdSense WordPress Theme

    • Any template is against Google’s AdSense policies if you do not put sufficient time and effort into creating your website or blog. If you look at the templates, you will see that you have full control over where to put your ads. As well, the comment about creating multiple sites does not imply that you should not put care and attention into creating quality sites. Google wants AdSense Publishers to create sites that have extensive content that is also of high value. Building multiple low quality sites will eventually get you banned. Our templates simply provide a starting point for web developers. See samples here

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